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Food safety ratings for local cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs and take-aways

Council Inspection Data

Until recently the results of the regular Council food safety inspections were effectively kept secret from the public.

Fortunately this is changing.

Currently several forward thinking State Governments and local Councils are participating in Scores on Doors schemes that use the results of these regular inspections to generate an easy to understand food hygiene rating. Council inspectors then provide an official certificate that compliant food business can display within their premises. The public are encouraged to look out for this certificate when selecting somewhere to eat.

Now there is an even better way to find healthy place to eat out. For the first time in Australia food hygiene ratings are also being published right here on the Scores on the Doors Australia portal, so that you, your friends and family, can easily search for compliant food premises here or via the free mobile apps.

Check out BEFORE you fork out

Food Hygiene Ratings

Councils regularly assess commercial food businesses for their compliance to food safety standards, it's a legal obligation for both Councils and food businesses that helps to protect your, and your family's health. Scores on Doors schemes use the results of these regular food hygiene inspections to provide a rating for each food business, often these are easy to understand "Star" ratings. For example in NSW the state's Food Authority promotes a scheme that uses these three possible Star ratings for compliant businesses.

Food Hygiene Ratings

Each premises is given a rating of its food hygiene performance. These ratings are represented with a "Star" rating to give a quick visual indication of a business's performance.

Scores on the Doors App

Download the free Scores on the Doors mobile app for iPhone and Android. Search for food hygiene ratings of nearby food premises.

Can't find ratings for your area?

Currently not all Councils in Australia are participating in Scores on Doors ratings schemes or making their food assessment results easily accessible to their ratepayers and visitors.

If your Council area is not yet represented here and you would like it to be, please contact your local Council, the Mayor or your Councillor representatives, and tell them that healthy options are important to you and your family and you would like them to provide this vital information.