About Scores on the Doors Australia

Food Premises Inspections

Every food premises is registered with its local council and inspected by council Environmental Health Officers at least once every year to check the food hygiene standard of the business.

The inspection is based on specific criteria and looks at:

  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Food Storage
  • Food Processing
  • Food Display
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Transportation
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Structure and Maintenance

Other tests may be carried out during the inspection including microbial analysis of food contact surfaces.

Food Hygiene Ratings and Stars

Each premises is given a rating of its food hygiene performance. The rating are:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good

These ratings are represented with a "Star" rating to give a quick visual indication of a business's performance.

Businesses with No Rating

If a business gets a rating LOWER than 3 stars it is shown as Not Rated.

The business will be given a process to correct any food hygiene issues and re-inspected.

Scores on the Doors Australia

Scores on the Doors Australia works with local council to provide a quick and easy way to display food hygiene ratings.

Each council has a Scores on the Doors Australia website that lists all food premises and their rating and ratings can be accessed through the website or using the free mobile app.

The scores on the Doors information is also available as a mobile app for Apple and Android phones.

Scores on the Doors for Customers

The next best thing to personally inspecting the kitchen!

Many factors go into any decision about where to eat but food hygiene has not been readily available.

Scores on the Doors gives everyone access to the standardised OFFICIAL rating as determined by the your local council.

Scores on the Doors for Business

Scores on the Doors is public acknowledgement of the hard work and committment that food premises owners make to food hygiene and can be a major factor in customers decision making about where to eat.

Scores on the Doors also provides an easy channel to market through the available mobile apps.