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This page shows the detailed information for a selected premises and the related inspection ratings. The general contact information, a photograph (if supplied by the premises) and any additional comments from the local authority appear at the top of the page. In some cases a history of inspections are displayed whilst for others only the latest inspection is shown. Each inspection is displayed in its own Inspection Information Box (more details below). Any further information from other council departments will also be shown as an appropriate title bar below the food hygiene information box. Clicking on one of these will expand it and display the details of the additional information.

Key Functions
MAP  – Clicking on this button will cause a map to appear on this page with the location of the premises marked. Clicking on the MAP button again will cause the map to disappear.

PRINT – By clicking on this button the displayed map can be printed on your local printer.

INSPECTION INFORMATION BOX – within each box is displayed the type of inspection, the date of the inspection and underneath the details of the ratings received. By clicking on the name of the rating, a pop up window will appear with a detailed explanation for the rating in question. More than one rating may displayed dependent on particular schemes being run by individual councils.

Main Links
RATING TITLE – This link will take you to a pop up window as described above.

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