Business right to reply - Form

This facility is available if the council has chosen to offer this option. If this is not shown at the bottom of the page then the council concerned has chosen not to provide this service. It is primarily for the use of the proprietors of premises to offer comments on the inspection displayed. This is sent directly to the council who will choose whether to display the information with any of their own comments. Any comments displayed have been viewed and approved by the council. Council staff may contact the sender to verify the information supplied and discuss any issues raised.

Key Functions
CONTACT DETAILS - The name, telephone number/email address are required here for communications on this submission.
INSPECTION – This identifies the type of inspection referred to.
TEXT – The details of the comments/issues that are to be submitted are entered here (in particular those relating to the displayed inspection).
Main Links
SUBMIT – Clicking here will send your submission to the council. They may well contact you to discuss any issues raised.

CANCEL – Clicking n this will return you to the premises details page without submitting any comments.

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