This page displays the results of your selected searches. From this page you may click on the name of the premises as a link to the details for a particular premises inspection and display one or all the results on a map. A location map for a single premises can also be displayed from that page.

Various symbols are used on this page. Explanations are detailed below.

Star rating. The basic rating scores for Food Hygiene are translated by ‘Scores on the Doors’ into a 5 star rating scheme. Details of the branding scheme in operation within a council can be found on the details page for the premises by clicking on the name of the scheme eg "Birmingham H for Hygiene scheme". The results are displayed firstly in order of rating starting with the highest first and then alphabetically.

Low Risk premises are those which do not handle open high risk foods. In this category, you would expect to find businesses such as Chemist Shops, some Bars or Social Clubs which serve drinks only, some small supermarkets selling only packaged foods etc.


Such premises present little or no inspectable risk (verified by an initial inspection) and as such may be subject to an enforcement strategy which does not include an inspection to ensure their continued compliance with Food Law.

Examples of Alternative Enforcement Strategies (AES) include:-

·       Postal questionnaires or other information gathering exercises

·       Educational campaigns

·       Training Seminars


Each AES intervention would verify that there has been no significant change to the business and that the business continues to present a Low Risk to the public.


Not Yet Rated. To ensure the public get as complete an accurate a picture of food safety inspections, some authorities show if a premises is known to them but has as yet not received an inspection. Inspections are carried out by local authorities under Codes of Practice supplied by the Food Standards Agency and these do change. The last major change was in January 2006 and this symbol may also be displayed where the current inspection was undertaken under the old Codes of Practice. To display these scores would give an unfair comparison with inspections carried out after this date. More information of the Codes of Practice can be found on the ABOUT THIS SERVICE page.

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BUSINESS NAME – By clicking on any of the premises displayed the link will take you to the detailed inspection information for the premises listed.

Key Functions

MAP - You may pan and zoom to the scale and location required. The alphabetically labelled tags refer to the map keys in the list on the left hand side of the page.

SEARCH - Clicking on the search button will instigate the search using the already selected criteria from the main search page. The results will be displayed on the left side of the page. Please note that if the business you are looking for cannot be found this may be because the council who inspected the business do not subscribe to this service. Less is more! Entering the full name, address and postcode details might NOT result in the business being found if the spelling, spacing or other details do not exactly match the way the data has been entered onto the system. Entering just part of one of the search criteria might be more successful, although more results will be returned.

LETTER TAGS – By clicking on a tag a pop up balloon will appear within the map with further details of the premises chosen. The balloon also contains a link which will take you the full details page for that establishment. The ‘x’ button will close the balloon.

 - Selecting this check box allows you to search on a location selected from a Google map. If a location has already been chosen from a previous search then the map for that location will automatically be used. You may pan and zoom to the scale and location required. The resulting search will use the center of the displayed map as its starting point. Clicking on the search button will instigate the search using the criteria selected. The results will be displayed on the map and in the left hand list.


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